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Welcome to a tribute to John Giordmaine, also known as Johnny Giordmaine, Canada's most beloved children's magician (1898-1974).

Visitors to the downtown Toronto Eaton's "Toyland" may also remember him running its magic counter for thirty years.

On this site you will find images and text initially from my own personal collection that I hope will pay an informal tribute to John Giordmaine - an outstanding magical entertainer, a true gentleman, and a most generously-spirited human being.

My collection has been generously supplemented by archival materials from John Giordmaine's own family.

If you have any memories, text or photos of John Giordmaine that you would like to share, I would like to hear from you! Please e mail me before sending them. You'll find my e mail address on page eleven.

This tribute to John Giordmaine is a work in progress (begun 3/20/08) so be sure to check back again from time to time.

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And please... enjoy the memories! - jp


Latest News

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